Monday, 27 March 2017

Bunecdote # 4 - Musical Food Bowls

The topic of food has been touched on before and will doubtlessly be nibbled on time and again. Today, I shall talk about the position of the breakfast bowl which is one that needs to be chewed over at least once a week.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

​ How to take care of your writer - a guide for their significant other (weekday edition)

(image source: pinterest)

Two weeks ago I looked at the importance of routine for the writer. This week, I want to help the people who live with us to better understand our writing needs. So let us look at a possible weekday of this particular writer. 😉

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Buncedotes #3 - A Brush with the Enemy

March has arrived, bringing with it a slight rise in temperature, a shooting of spring bulbs, and the occasional appearance of the sun. And, as most pet owners will tell you, spring is the harbinger of the DFC, the Dreaded Fur Cloud. In the case of rabbits this is no different than it is with cats and dogs, though with rabbits it comes with potentially more deadly consequences.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Routine, manageable goals and the surprising importance of the deadline

(source: QuoteFancy)

I've been thinking a lot about my writing routine these last few weeks. Mostly, because I haven't really had a routine until fairly recently. Writing has been a hobby of mine for years. While I was still in school it was never difficult to find the time to write, but once I entered university, writing very much took a back seat. I often wondered how writers managed to write books. After all, they all have Lives too, and jobs, spouses, or even kids! Hat’s off to any writing parents out there. I can honestly say, I don’t know how you do it. 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Bunecdotes # 2: The Gizmo Lessons

I mentioned in his introduction that Gizmo was very shy when he came into my care. While Lola bounced out of the pet carrier to explore her new home, Gizmo made no move to ever leave the safety of the carrier. He had to be lifted out and immediately sought the shelter of an upside down cardboard box. I did not blame him. He had gone through many changes in just a few weeks. He would come round.

But as the days turned into weeks I realised that Gizmo had no intention of coming round and I soon understood that it was not just him who needed to learn to trust me. I needed to learn to understand him. And so began The Gizmo Lessons.