Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Bunecdote # 7 - The Alarm Clock

Like any pet and many people I know, rabbits love routine. Actually, let me rephrase that, they love the timely appearance of food. Should food be late, they turn into the best alarm clock known to bunny parents. And they're quite creative about the level of noise and annoyance they use in their endeavour.

I. The Refurbisher

Imagine a Sunday morning. The previous night was late, the week long. All that is missing from weekend bliss is that longed for lie in. Not with Gizmo and Lola in charge. While Lola tends to be the more rambunctious when it comes to food, no one beats the noise level of Gizmo at 7.30 am (or sometimes 4.30 depending on when the su rose) when he refurbishes the run in order to get your attention. Houses get chewed and slammed against walls. They get lifted off the ground and thrown off other houses, only to be chewed some more. Turns out, the inside of a wooden bunny house has quite the echo. Calls of "Gizmo, shut up!" and "Lola, nein!" will be listened to for a whole of two seconds - long enough to establish that the desired human is now awake - before the noise continues. After all, now that I am awake, they need to keep me that way as food, otherwise, might still be a long time coming. When I eventually do stumble into the living-room I get greeted with joy and innocence.

Look where I managed to go this morning!

I have no earthly idea how this happened.

II. The Hay Banger

The disadvantage of a hanging hay rack is that said hay is many things, but never static. While most of the time snack time is accomplished with minimum noise disturbance, the early morning breakfast hay, which, by rights, should be breakfast pellets, gets slammed into the wall at top speeds, causing the whole thing to clank and clutter.

III. The Stare

I have mentioned The Glare before, reserved for humans of particular low regard, who would dare brush a bunny when said bunny is perfectly capable of keeping herself pretty. The Stare is, in many ways, the Glare's cousin. Less deadly, but equally penetrating. Lola will stare her way into your dreams until breakfast is forthcoming. This is a silent treatment which only works if the sleeping object happens to spend the night in the same room as was the case last year when my bedroom was refurbished. By the time I woke up, Lola had fixed me with a stare that did not shift until I was opening the food box.

Good, you're up. Now feed me.

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