Sunday, 14 May 2017

Bunecdote # 6 - Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is one of the first games children play with their parents. At that early stage in life it is more a case of peek-a-boo than actual hiding and seeking, though from the baby's point of view, they have definitely hidden themselves from their unsuspecting parent. When I become a bunny parent, I had not expected that hide and seek is a favourite among rabbits too. Neither did I realise that there are several approaches to the game.

I. Blind Spot Nibbler

This is a favourite of Lola's. Naturally. From day 1 Little Madam of the House established that I have to do her bidding and even if I don't, she, at least, doesn't have to do mine. Fuzzbutt has also discovered that, depending on my location in the living-room/kitchen there are spots where her tiny, innocent bottom remains invisible to my ever watchful eye. Those are the corners she seeks. With stealth mode enabled she shuffles her inconspicuous basketball body into the blind corner beside the sofa and sets to work on the skirting board until a firm "Lola, no!" puts an end to the not as quiet as she might think nibbling. In celebration of her stealth achievement Lola will zoom around the living-room high on skirting board steroids before slowly, quietly, edging back into the blind corner of her choice.
The warning sounds and ninja floof stops in her tracks. She looks at me, front legs off the ground. "You called, servant?"
"I see you."
"Naturally. And what a sight I am to behold! Except for this one spot, right here on my thigh."
Slowly, she lets herself down to nibble and lick at the imagined blemish on her fur, waiting until my head is turned towards whichever monitor is currently holding my attention. She jumps back into action, unaware that my attention has not wholly deserted her or that her white rump is rather larger and rounder than she thinks.
"Lola, no!"
Ninja floof startles at the sound of her game over and binkies away from the offending corner, glad she made it this far, and certain that in two minutes she will make it all the way back to her skirting board of deliciousness.

II. There's the Fluffel!

This is the Gizmo edition of peek-a-boo. Gizmo has always had a soft spot for any area I could not reach, an adoration that continues even now that he is happy to be touched. Now, however, these hiding places hold the additional appeal of giving your favourite human a fright. He does not always want to play, but if he does, it works best if he thinks I cannot see him. It involves a lot of walking around the living-room, looking anywhere but where the rabbit is, while calling his name in an enquiring manner. Once he thinks you have suffered enough, he will shoot out from under the coffee table, or poke his head out of the house as if to say "Gotcha!"
This is a particularly useful game for the times he is actually lost. One night, in a previous home, Gizmo managed to escape his run. To this day I don't know how he did it, but running around the flat in an, admittedly, rather panicked voice, lured him out in his usual, happy, "Here I am!" manner.

The cutes "Boo!" in history.

III. Lop-girl vs. Fluffer-bun

Traditional hide and seek starring yin (Gizmo, The Seeker), and yang (Lola, The Hider). Interestingly enough, it is always Lola doing the hiding and Gizmo having to find her. Luckily for him, she is not a good hider. Her favourite hiding place? Behind the open balcony door - which happens to be made of glass. Yet there is nothing more funny than Lola hiding behind said open glass door, standing on her hind legs or poking her nose under the gap between floor and door, convinced she is perfectly invisible, while Gizmo sits inches away from her on the other side of the glass, seemingly unable to find her. Should Lola discover that the tasty skirting board also runs behind the balcony door, any attempt of mine to tell her to stop will be ignored. After all, the call can't possibly be for her because Lola is invisible. Her shock should I choose to close the balcony door while she is hiding behind it and nudge her away is great. How could I possibly know she has been there all along? Gizmo, on the other hand, completely oblivious of his not so invisible wife, will happily chase her across the living-room, glad to have found his beloved.

Another, more recent hiding spot is rather more dangerous than the balcony door, as it relies on me standing perfectly still. Yes, you guessed it. Lola likes to hide behind my legs. In typical Tom and Jerry style, Lola will sit behind my leg, peering out from one side, while Gizmo stretches his long, black body to catch a glimpse of what is behind me on the other side. Happy binkying ensues should they happen to choose the same side and come nose to nose with one another.


What bunny?

Practically invisible

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