Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Edinburgh Comic Con 2017 - a report

On Saturday I went to my first convention in over a decade. Comic Con came to Edinburgh.

My convention experience is limited. I have been to exactly three conventions, all of them the Lord of the Rings centric Ring*Con in Germany, so everything I encountered in Edinburgh inevitably ended up being compared to my experiences there.

First off, let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the convention. I had a wonderful day seeing amazing costumes and artists and being tempted by many purchasable goods. Understandably, the bulk of items to buy were comic books - both well known ones and more niche products. I am not a huge comic book reader, so while I admired the artwork, the only thing that tempted me were the Cthuhlu spawn of deadly vegetables - mostly because I wanted to see whether they could withstand my two herbmowers at home.

Need accessories?

I am a huge fan of cosplay, and while I don't do much myself, I am in awe of everyone who makes their own costumes. There was plenty to see at Edinburgh's Comic Con, from classic anime characters like Sailor Mercury, to Daenerys Targaryen, to a very young Rei from Star Wars - Episode VII, to original steampunk costumes and elaborate armoured video game characters. For myself I kept it simple. I got a red fedora to go with the skirt and blouse I already owned in the hopes that I could draw from Agent Carter's confidence and skill for the day.

New companion? New Doctor!

 The afternoon got out of hand when I discovered the vintage video game store alongside several arcade machines playing everything from the Sega Mega Drive to the classic Nintendo Games. Talk about a blast from the past! While my OH introduced me to Klax!, I relived my childhood playing Disney's Lion King and classic Mario Kart, before kicking his butt on Streetfighter - or at least trying to. People also had a chance to battle it out in Warhammer and Magic: The Gathering, while only a few feet further along a wrestling ring kept con goers entertained.

I was a bit surprised at how few talks there were. I am spoiled with Ring*Con where I often had to decide between hearing an actor talk and hearing an expert on world building/Tolkien/some other fantasy related subject give a presentation. As it was, the only guest I was familiar with was Claudia Christian from Babylon 5. Size had a lot to do with that. In fact, I was surprised at how small the convention was. I had expected much more than the two large halls which were largely filled up with vending stalls.

Babylon 5

All in all it was a really enjoyable day and I shall definitely repeat the visit next year.

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