Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Bunecdote # 5 - Snooze Day

Whoever said that cats are the sleepers of the animal kingdom, has never met a bunny. Granted, sleep never appears to last too long, but they can sleep and snooze anywhere and in any position - even with their eyes wide open. Here's to a lazy day!

Casual Snoozer

This is the standard relaxation position, casual "What up?" face included. Mostly the head stays up, but if it's been a particularly long, hard day in Bunny Land, the water bowl may need to serve as chin rest - or a foot rest. The exceptionally lazy may snooze and drink at the same time.

The Loaf

Much loaf. Very Hovies. Wow.

Lola has perfected the Bunny Loaf. It is a position of royalty from where one might glare down at one's subjects with a look of disdain.

The Snuggler

Here the happy couple will lie side by side, exchanging the occasional kiss on the nose. Usually brought to a temporary end by the Bear's non-existent hormones acting up and demanding some serious head humping time.😔

Yin Yang

  For those tricky times after a fight, when you don't want to talk to each other, but still need to snuggle.

Sleep Sneak Attack

She may look wide awake, but don't be fooled.

Lola is prone to sleep sneak attacks. One moment she may be nibbling her hay, the next she has fallen asleep. Her eyes may still be open (as rabbits are prone to do), but all chewing stops and the nose no longer twitches. Lola also likes to "meerkat". Where Gizmo's front paws remain on the ground when he sits, Lola's luxurious, round bottom forces her back a little further, leaving her front paws dangling. Once asleep, she will sway back and forth like a grandma in a rocking chair. It's a tough life being bottom heavy.

The Balcony

When Juliet had to wait too long for her Romeo and fell asleep on the balcony, her head grew ever heavier. Yes, Lola sleeps like this a lot. Yes, she has ended up leaning so far out that she fell off. No, she has not learned her lesson.

The Hanging Butt

Works just as well as The Balcony, and is equally prone to gravity interfering with peaceful sleep. Visual evidence pending.

The Dead Bunny Flop

This is a bunny exclusive. Very relaxed rabbits will simply fall over sideways and snooze. Lola flops so much I am no longer concerned, but for the new rabbit owner, a flopped rabbit may cause a minor heart attack, because bunny really looks dead. Of course, any attempt to reanimate the poor pet will result in an angry huff, because how dare you interrupt the most blissful sleep they had in hours? Few things wake me up as quickly and rudely, as seeing this when I shuffle into the living-room first thing in the morning.

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