Sunday, 22 January 2017

Bunecdote #1 - Food

One of the first things I learned  is that the way to a rabbit's heart is paved with food. It is the constant around which a rabbit's day revolves. The be all and end all. A bunny's first love and greatest treasure. Which makes it the bunny parent's best friend.

It can be the treat that lures a shy bun closer to the hand that cuddles, the temptation that will lead to the understanding of basic commands, or the gracious offering of an apologetic bunny mum which will soften the impact of any indignation caused - real or imagined. But even regular breakfast and dinner can be entertaining in their own right.

"I don't care what you did as long as I get corriander."

Gizmo is a connoisseur of good food. He chews diligently and can spend minutes searching the perfect hay stalk, savouring every bite of his bunny spaghetti.
Lola is a vacuum cleaner. She inhales the content of her breakfast bowl before scraping the rest off Gizmo's if she gets the chance. I have taken to separating them and Gizmo, loved up as he is with his Lola, makes sure his greedy wife is far away from his bowl and settled over hers, before sitting down to a relaxed breakfast. Yes, that will include growling and chasing Lola all across the balcony and living-room. He might be shy and quiet, but he has his moments.
As for the hay stalks.... well, Gizmo might find the most delicious, most perfect specimen, but it is Lola who will eat them, even if it means pulling a half finished stalk from his mouth and twisting out of his reach so she can suck in the tasty delight he unearthed. The Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene might work with loved up dogs, but when food is involved, Lola knows no love. If there is any chance his piece is bigger or tastier than hers his is the piece she wants. Making dinner that moves ensures Gizmo gets his fair share.

Torture 101: rotating dinner rolls

Unsurprisingly, Gizmo runs a mile if he manages to get hold of a particularly tasty treat. And sometimes he gets away with it. While Lola is busy pulling lettuce from a feeder, getting ever more frustrated if it resists her efforts, he will gleefully hoard all the carrot pieces he can find in a corner - to be consumed before she notices - because Hell has no fury like Lola, especially if she has been denied a treat. And if Gizmo is not careful, she will steal it off him, leaving this gentle soul to go after her, torn between the necessary conflict and the treat she is sinking her teeth into. Spurred on by the sight of a piece of carrot and accompanied by the odd lick of the nose, because the tongue remembers just how tasty it was, he will sneak up on her and steal back his prize. Only to have Lola pursue him and tear it from between his teeth. But where Lola is brute force, Gizmo is tactics.
 Act casual and she will think you no longer care. 
And so he will sneak closer and closer, first one paw, then the other, never quite hopping, but always moving; ears pointed at his prize, betraying his intent. But in the end, it is that pesky tongue that gives him away again as it flicks over his nose in anticipation. And off Lola goes, carrot safely stored between her teeth.

Gizmo Capone on a carrot heist

They are not beyond begging either. You may find yourself sitting on the sofa with a bowl of salad or some fruit on a table in front of you, though crisps or anything that rustles works just as well, when up pops a little head.

"Hello! Is that food I smell?"

Be not fooled by the general cuteness or the expression that speaks of starvation. This plump basketball with a head knows exactly how to get what she wants and if you do not respond to either one of her tricks she has no qualms about stealing your dinner.  Alternatively, she will attempt to stick her nose into your mouth after dinner because she is sure there was pepper in that food somewhere.
Salad: nourishment and entertainment in one leaf - at least if you're a rabbit.

Note from the author: This will be the last update for a couple of weeks.  I will be back on 12th February.

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