Friday, 6 May 2016

Getting to grips with Blogger

When I launched the blog last Sunday, I considered myself well enough prepared for this blogging business, even though I never really had a public blog before. I was wrong.

The more I look at other blogs, the more I realise what is missing from mine. The most obvious one? No option to follow! Blogger is not the most helpful in this aspect, hiding the Follower gadget where I did not look - or at least couldn't find it with a simple search. An hour and several requests to Auntie Google later and the Follower widget has lift off. I think, the right term here would be: TADA!

I have further added an About this Blog page, which is basically a brief summary of the last paragraph in the previous post, but considering that post will be pushed further and further back with time, I thought it wise to give visitors the option to see what they get themselves into by subscribing.

All that is missing now - apart from a page entitled "My Novels"  - is a picture of yours truly. This should be added in about two weeks, when my trusted photographer, a.k.a. mum, is due for a visit.

In the meantime, stay tuned for another blog post on Sunday, discussing my various writing tools, focusing on the trusty notebook.

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